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KSO6612ICX - Steam Oven, combined, 12 combined functions, - KLUGMANN

KSO6612ICX - Steam Oven, combined, 12 combined functions, - KLUGMANN

KSO6612ICX - Steam Oven, combined, 12 combined functions, - KLUGMANN


Steam Oven, combined, 12 combined functions,
  • CircumHeat
  • CircumHeat + bottom heater
  • Bottom Heat
  • Conventional Oven
  • Fan Assisted Oven
  • Top Heat
  • CircumRoast
  • Double grill
  • Grill and Rotisserie
  • Full Surface Grill + Rotisserie
  • 7
  • Steam Cooking
  • Safety child lock
  • Aqualystic cleaning system
  • Energy A+

OvenErgy™ A

Lower bills and energy savings in your home are possible thanks to top energy efficiency ratings for our cookers and ovens.


SensiAct™ smart use control panel

The intelligent new easy-to-use touch screen and high definition Interactive LCD colored display allow the user to select many automatic programs and customizeseveralfavoriterecipes. All the information you need at your fingertips, with this large LCD touch-control display which shows the time, cooking mode and temperature.


34 baking programs

Preset baking programs are to convenience and fast meals preparation. The recipe function allows you to use the proposals written in the program. Just prepare your favorite dish, put them in the oven and select the desired program. Oven will decide on the selection of temperature, time and method of heating.


Wire Shelf

Drying ladder is equipped with protections, making it stable and allows you to easily eject without fear that dish will fall or slip.


FlixiShelf and adjustable oven inside racks

Sturdy telescopic racks pull extendedly out for safe, easy check on you cooking progress. Plus, their robust construction safely supports the heaviest dishes.


Cool Front Oven & Reflective panes

The Multi-layered and the reflective glass panes door insulate the oven door and ensure a low temperature on the outside.


Aqualystic System

Easy-to-clean with just a glass of water.

At KLUGMANN you find the most ecological oven cleaning technology on the market. AQUACLEAN system enables you to clean your oven in only 24 minutes using just a glass of water and with no extra effort.



TemProbe inside the food

It precisely measures the temperature inside the food. The oven automatically switches off and gives a sound signal once the set temperature is reached.



ComfyClose™ oven door

Feel how softly and gently the oven door close and open.