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KO907TCX - 90cm Multifunction oven with 7 different functions - KLUGMANN

KO907TCX - 90cm Multifunction oven with 7 different functions - KLUGMANN

KO907TCX - 90cm Multifunction oven with 7 different functions - KLUGMANN

90cm Multifunction oven with 7 different functions

  • CircumHeat
  • CircumRoast
  • Bottom heater + fan
  • Fan Assisted Oven
  • Conventional Oven
  • Defrosting
  • OvenErgy

OvenErgy™ A

Lower bills and energy savings in your home are possible thanks to top energy efficiency ratings for our cookers and ovens.


Wire Shelf

Drying ladder is equipped with protections, making it stable and allows you to easily eject without fear that dish will fall or slip.


Cool Front Oven & Reflective panes

The Multi-layered and the reflective glass panes door insulate the oven door and ensure a low temperature on the outside.


Catalystic ovens

This type of coating acts as a catalyst for the burning of foodstuff at regular cooking temperatures. Instead of using a cleaning cycle, ovens with this coating continually burn off matter through normal use. Catalytic coatings are usually a grey to black in color sometimes with white specs, the texture resembling a sand paper like roughness, the cavity of the oven is often part coated with the catalyst coating other kinds have removable liners or liners that are fixed in position by screws.

Cuts down on Cleaning, Superior Build quality, Multi Functional

Why not get someone in to give your oven a clean? We don’t use high amounts of electricity, our products are eco-friendly and fume free and we even clean up after ourselves. Now doesn’t that sound better?


CoolSys™ Oven

Smart cooling system

The control device of the automatic cooling system will switch on the tangential cooling fan when the cavity temperature will reach to 65oCor more.

The overheating protection system will cut off the power supply automatically when the temperature reached 50oCor above. This keeps the user and handle areas cool to touch.


FlixiShelf and adjustable oven inside racks

Sturdy telescopic racks pull extendedly out for safe, easy check on you cooking progress. Plus, their robust construction safely supports the heaviest dishes.